Fairtrade Fortnight.

It's Fairtrade Fortnight!

What does that mean to you?  Well i'm sure you've all seen and bought into the various food products available locally in our supermarkets such as Fairtrade Bananas and Coffee.  I know, given the choice, I go for Fairtrade - as long as the price is not crazy. When I think about Fairtrade, I think about the farmers that grow the products, the conditions they work within and the market they sell to.  All of these have to be in alignment to make the practice work.

Fairtrade doesn't just stop at Bananas and Coffee.  What about the farmers who grow cotton?   There are far more cotton farmers out there, who need our support too.  By choosing to purchase Fairtrade, organic cotton fashion, you are growing the demand, therefore the market increases and more farmers benefit from a sustainable, healthy working and more importantly living environment.   If we start using our purchasing power with are hearts and our minds, we will see Fairtrade Cotton in all our shops as often as the bananas and coffee products.

Buying Fairtrade fashion doesn't mean you compromise on style, in fact it shows true style and it really doesn't have to cost the earth.   Be happy wearing these creations and knowing that you make a difference.  There are beautiful Fairtrade dresses in People Tree's SS14 collection and cute kiddies clothes from our wonderful brands such as Frugi, Piccalilly and Toby Tiger.

Sharon Griffin
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