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Donation Seasalt Handyband SS20 For Frontline workers

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UPDATE:  Thanks to each and everyone of you who have donated the cost of the Handybands, we have been able to send out over 450 hairbands to our nursing and auxiliary staff here in Clifden and in Galway.  We have exhausted our supply and therefore will not be able to take anymore donations.  The feedback has been really positive from all organisations concerned. 

As we move through these challenging times, opportunities to show support and solidarity within our communities and frontline workers have emerged and continue to do so whether it is raising money for charities, providing PPE, Feeding the heros etc.  Whatever it is, support and love has to be the way we survive and  mark the way forward for us all.   

We will continue to assess the situation to see if there are other ways we can support our community as well as trying to survive as a business too. 

We are currently trying to help our frontline workers here in our hometown Clifden and regional hospital in Galway, Ireland. If you would like to donate the cost of one Seasalt Handyband we will turn it into four organic cotton hairbands that will help keep four workers faces free from hair - thus help to reduce risk of infection via face touching. - So far our customers have donated 120 hairbands - thank you so much.

These Seasalt Handybands are made from organic cotton and after consulting with our local hospital in Galway - UCHG we found that they could be converted into four hairbands which would help with infection control for their frontline workers by keeping hair off their faces. This in turn reduces the need for these people to touch their face.

If you would like to donate the cost of a hairband, we will ensure they get to the frontline workers here in Galway. We will continue to accept donations until our supplies run out and we would like to encourage other Seasalt retailers here in Ireland and across the UK and Europe to do the same for their people at the front.

The benefits of wearing organic cotton are multiple in that they are soft, have no pesticides and are better for the environment and the farmers who made it and also they, along with many other natural fibres help to keep you cool in warm conditions.

Please note that by making this donation you are not only helping your frontline workers keep safe but also creating some income for a small independent retailer.

Made from & Care for:

  • Machine washable

Jersey Cotton (organic) 96%   Elastane 4%


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