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Pieszak Kenya Jeans 2-tone Indigo

€139.00 EUR

The Pieszak Kenya Jeans are between an pair of jeans and a pair of trousers, in that I mean they have that opaqueness of colour that you don't see in jeans that often, more in pants but they do have that unbelievable stretch like many of Pieszak's gorgeous jeans.  So if you are looking for a smart pair of pants that you can wear to work or dress up for going out but you don't really want to wear jeans - again, then these could be the solution.  Did I mention the pockets on the back side are great for giving your derriere a great shape.  I think these are going to be very popular this season indeed.  Although it does say ankle length in their inside description, I found that for me hitting that over the 5'5'' mark, they are the perfect full length but for all you lucky long legged gals they will be their true length.

Made from & Care for:

  • 60% Cotton, 36% Polyester & 4% Elastane
  • machine washable
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