Pieszak Swan Collection

Pieszak is the first ever Danish jeans brand in the world to be awarded Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification, which evaluates relevant environmental issues across a product's lifecycle.  The Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Pieszak garments are designed keeping you and the environment in mind.  

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established in 1989 to provide an environmental labelling and scheme that would contribute to sustainable consumption.  The jeans in the Pieszak Swan collection are made of organic Cotton and recycled fibres, and have been awarded the certification due to producing 40% savings in water usage, 30% savings in energy and a 30% reduction in chemical products: and being produced in good working conditions.  Nordic Swan Ecolabel standards are high and has strict requirements for the entire value chain, from cotton field to the finished garment: emphasizing on organic cultivation, low water consumption, sound chemical use and good working conditions complying to ILO standards.

Pieszak's industrial process optimization producing your jeans has brought huge benefits that influence customers' habits: the better the garment performance, the less garments need to be washed at home.  Promoting a more responsible use of end-products and helping reduce the use of natural resources and environmental pollution in everyday life.

This is the future and the Earth can't wait: everybody is involved.  Remember, your clothes will last longer if you treat them the right way.


"It has been a priority for me to make a product where sustainability practices are implemented throughout the supply chain without compromising on the quality and fit that are Pieszak's brand DNA - and where the look is stylish and in fashion, which is the hallmark of our design philosophy"                        Henriette Pieszak


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