Zilch Autum 23 Collection



    Introducing Zilch

    Zilch, an Amsterdam-based 'sustainable fashion brand', is renowned for its 'unique ethical fashion'. Famed for its vibrant aesthetics, Zilch offers a broad selection of women's clothing. What sets it apart is its dedication to 'sustainable fashion choices', using eco-friendly materials like bamboo and organic cotton. Embodying 'sustainable fashion with a colourful aesthetic', Zilch appeals to the modern woman who values both style and environmental responsibility. At Ohh! By Gum, we carefully curate our Zilch collection, reinforcing our commitment to 'quality sustainable fashion'. In essence, Zilch blends 'bold, colourful fashion' with eco-consciousness, making it a preferred choice for 'sustainable, stylish women's clothing'.
    36 products

    36 products