All The Ways To Say


    ALL THE WAYS to Say is a stationery brand based in France, founded in 2015 by Claire Leina, an illustrator, art director, and young mom and her husband Jean-Charles Da Rocha.  While Claire develops original collections based on hand-painted illustrations,  works on the colour and designs combinations, Jean-Charles manages the development of the company. Their little daughter, Tess is in charge of laughing and gives them hugs when they need it. 

    “It is important to them to focus on the highest quality materials available to create the finest products. FSC paper and wood, as well as 100% recycled polyester are mostly used to produce these products.

    • FSC Paper and Wood

    They are committed to print  paper goods in France on FSC papers since the beginning. 
    The wooden trays are also made from FSC wood.
    The FSC system provides an assurance that products such as wood and paper have been harvested in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 
    The envelopes are made from recycled paper as well.

    • Recycled Polyester

    The sleeves and bags range is made from 100% recycled polyester from the collection of plastic waste or used plastic bottles, which are transformed into fibre. 

    • Reducing plastic

    They use strong paper instead of plastic for almost all the products wrapping whenever it is possible. The posters are packaged within a cardboard and PET sheet, they are both recyclable. They use PET, which is recyclable plastic, when they are not able to use paper.
    They use biodegradable cornstarch bags for our products.

    80 % of products are made in France and 90% in Europe.
    Their sleeves and bags are now made in Portugal and the wooden trays in Sweden.

    They feel very concerned about the environmental issue and try to be active as much as possible. They are proud to give 1% of their sales back to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment through 1% FOR THE PLANET, created by PATAGONIA’s founder in 2002. "

    98 products

    98 products