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Welcome to The Water Tower!

The shop building and little hub of the OBG universe are situated in the courtyard of what once was the Clifden Railway Station on the Irish Atlantic Coast. It was the coastal terminus of the Connemara line which ran for 40 years (1895 – 1935) from Galway.  I am lucky and proud to inhabit the Water Tower within the Station House. While the trains were running - the Tower’s water supply was maintained by the local Owenglen river, and it in turn supplied water to the steam trains for propulsion.


 The building is of great historical significance to our town, but on a more personal level, it has housed and nourished my dream of an ethical and environmentally sustainable quality fashion boutique in the West of Ireland.  It symbolises for me the power of natural resources and the beauty of what can come from them and the strength of community.





So hence the blog is called ‘The Water Tower’. We hope you find it interesting and inspirational. We will feature people who inspire us, some are local to Connemara, some are valued customers whose way of living contributes to our community, and some will be valued colleagues and fashion industry challengers and influencers.  When I say ‘community’ I mean it too in the wider sense, that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and that each of us can make a difference, however small; such as wearing a fabric that does the least amount of harm to our world while feeling absolutely gorgeous on our skin.


Sharon Griffin

Founder & Owner of Ohh! By Gum

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