Comazo Certifications

Comazo Fair Trade

Fairtrade aims to reduce imbalance in global trade and distinguishes textiles whose cotton has been grown in a socially fair and sustainable manner.

The Fairtrade Standard is based on three essential values: economy, ecology and social issues. With the certification, Comazo supports the Fairtrade organization and makes an important contribution to improving working conditions in the cotton producing countries.

Fairtrade-certified farmers receive fair wages, a Fairtrade surcharge and a premium for organic production. During cultivation, attention is paid to sustainability with regard to water, vegetation, fauna and soil. Compliance with the standards is checked regularly.

The certification requires from Comazo absolute transparency of the entire supply chain and all product components. Every comazo | earth product can be traced back to its origins using its Fairtrade code. More information at

Comazo GOTS

GOTS was developed as a seal of approval by the world's leading textile associations and identifies ecologically and socially responsible textiles made from natural fibers.

The GOTS seal is available in two different versions. The "bio" label is awarded to products with a cotton content of at least 95%.

The second GOTS seal with the note "Made from organic" - on the other hand stands for the certification of products that have a lower organic cotton content.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a globally recognized standard that places the highest demands on textiles in order to evaluate them as genuine and consistent natural textiles. For example, a GOTS-certified product must consist of at least 90% pure natural fibers and may contain a maximum of 10% synthetic fibers or viscose, such as is otherwise used for seams, cuffs or labels. In addition, at least 70% of the natural fibers must come from plants or animals from controlled organic agriculture. There are also strict requirements for paints, auxiliaries and finishing processes, among other things they must not contain any heavy metals. Ingredients, accessories and yarns usually also have to be made of natural materials and can therefore only be used to a limited extent. Website .


The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a globally recognized, independent testing and certification system for textiles tested for harmful substances.

The OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textiles tested for harmful substances, with the greatest distribution worldwide. Products with this seal of approval are classified as harmless. The garment is certified according to OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 only if all the ingredients of the end product, including seam threads, prints, decorative materials and labels, meet the required criteria. Compliance with the standard is checked annually. The following applies to the test: The more intensive the contact between the textile and the skin, the stricter the limit values ​​must be observed.

The textiles are examined for banned and restricted substances, substances that are suspected to be hazardous to health, but are not yet legally covered, and precautionary parameters such as allergy-causing substances. In addition, all products must have a skin-friendly pH and good color fastness.

Comazo Peta Approved Vegan

The goal of Germany's largest animal rights organization - PeTA Deutschland eV - is to help every animal to live a better life.

In order to promote the level of awareness and the spread of vegan fashion and vegan accessories, PeTA is continuously committed to bringing animal-friendly styles and designs onto the market. 

Comazo is an official partner of PeTA and certified with the "PeTA - approved VEGAN" seal. The animal rights organization awards this certification to animal-friendly companies in order to make the commitment to the animals visible and to better identify vegan fashion.

Almost all comazo | earth products are marked with this logo and listed on the PeTA website. More information at